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We are Volcanoes - An artistic homage based on the book of the same name by Charlotte Kerner

Solo exhibition "Birth of Europe" at the 37th Guadalajara International Book Fair, Mexico supported by the European Union

Solo exhibition "Birth of Europe" at the City Hall of St Gilles, Brussels

Solo exhibition "Birth of Europe - Political Masterminds and our shared Values" at the European Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brussels

For more informations see the project website: European Visions



ROBERT MENASSE, acrylic and oil on canvas, 180*150 cm, 2019.

The painting is based on the questionnaire answered exclusively for the EUROPEAN VISIONS project by Robert Menasse. Menasse wrote, among other things, the European novel "The Capital" and was awarded the German Book Prize for it.

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Gas concrete ground, coated with plaster, 94*48*34 cm, 2007.

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W.T., ink on paper, 40*30 cm, 2006.

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GRUPPENZWANG – REBELLEN, Analog & Digital Drawing, Variable Size, 2018.

The work was licensed by KLETT-Verlag for the textbook series "Leben leben".

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LOVEPLAY, Video, 5:32 min., 2017.

The video LOVEPLAY was projected onto a house wall for the Berlin art festival „48 Stunden Neukölln“ and the „Lübecker Museumsnacht“.

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BALLETT, analogue and digital drawing, size variable, 2018.

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Andrea Cochius is a trained stone sculptor , studied artist , project manager and has completed a teaching degree in art and German. She works full-time as an artist with a focus on painting . Her artistic work covers a wide spectrum and has taken her to the most remote parts of the world. As early as 2012, she collected life stories from chance encounters on the streets of India . In her artistic work she deals with the change of perspective between people from different cultures . Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited widely, including in Germany , Belgium and Mexico .


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Illustrations for the science novel We are Volcanoes - The eco-visionaries Rachel Carson, Lynn Margulis, Donna Haraway by Charlotte Kerner, WESTEND Publishing

Elected to the commission for the KUNSTFONDS_Plattformen funding program of the Stiftung Kunstfonds


Solo exhibition Birth of Europe – Political Masterminds and our shared Values ​​in the Museo de las Artes (musa) at the 37th Guadalajara International Bookfair supported by the European Union, Guadalajara, Mexico 

Solo exhibition Birth of Europe at the European External Action Service (EEAS), Brussels, Belgium 

Solo exhibition Birth of Europe at St. Gilles Town Hall, Brussels, Belgium 

Development, planning and organization of the traveling exhibition The Orient as a Place of Longing in Cairo, Egypt and Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

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